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​Total cash purse for winners:

400,000 yen for man and woman!


■Tournament name

Speedgolf Open 2019

■Host organization

Japan Speedgolf Association


Friday, December 13th, 2019 (1st tee time will be 6:45 am)
*1st player will starts at 6:45 am
*The last player will starts at 15:30 pm
*Award ceremony will be held from 16:30 pm

The time may vary.


Rembrandt Golf Club Gotemba

1922-1 Kouyama, Gotemba, Shizuoka, 412-0033, Japan


Maximum players

■Player qualification

*Each competitor must have a role as a scorer for other competitor(at least one player) before or after his/her competition. Please refrain to apply the tournament only for your own competition. (The organizer will determine the time as the scorer.)

*Parental agreement is necessary.

■Registration fee

15,000 yen

*Green fee, registration fee, and taxes are included. Meals etc. are not included.

■Registration period

Wednesday, August 21st to Sunday, December 1st.

■Total Cash Purse
600,000 yen

*Men's Category (Champion: 300,000 yen)

*Women's Category(Champion: 300,000 yen)

​*Shorter running time is ​superior when SGSs are same. Count-back from 18th hole will determine the ranking when the running time is same.
*Please confirm amateur status of golf to golf organization of your country if you'd like to get the cash purse.

Extra Prize

<BS Fuji Award   200,000 yen>
*Men's Category (Champion: 100,000 yen)
*Women's Category(Champion: 100,000 yen)

​■TV Broadcasting

BS Fuji

■Competition rules

* The ranking is decided by the total number(Speedgolf score=SGS) of stroke and running time for 18 holes. 
* Follow the Speedgolf rules, the local rules, and the Rules of Golf in 2019 by Japan Golf Association
* Tees: Malel/white, Female/red
* A player has a scorer who accompanies with the player.

Dress code

Please respect the dress code for tournament host.​


Please prepare enough and take care of the physical condition before playing in the tournament. Taking a medical examination is recommended.
* The registration fee won't be refunded for any reasons including cancellation due to earthquake, wind and flood damage, snow cover, incident, accident, etc.
* Please confirm the amateur status of golf to golf organization of your country if you'd like to get the cash purse. If an amateur player is eligible for receiving prize money, the prize target will be moved down.
* When a false declaration such as age, sex, handicap, etc. or participation other than the applicant himself/herself (illegal appearance) is detected, the player will be disqualified.
* Duplicate registration by the same person cannot be made.
* The change and cancellation after the registration are not available.
* The tournament office will contact a player by email or phone only when there is a problem with the registration content.
* The tee time will be decided by the tournament office.
* The tournament, tournament host, organizations such as sponsors, cooperation, etc. do not take any responsibility for accidents, diseases, loss, damage, other accidents that occurred during the event. 
*Please consider applying for golfer insurance by yourself.
*Wearing an inner cap like this to prevent injuries or accidents during competition is recommended.
* The right of posting and the right of publicity of photos, videos, articles, records, names of applicants, age, address, etc. on the Internet, newspapers, magazines, television, etc. belong to the tournament host.
* Sale of pictures and images taken during the event is prohibited.
* Pictures and images are taken by the tournament host during the tournament may be sold on a commission basis.
* Personal information such as the portrait of a participant, name, age, handicap, competition history, and self-introduction belong to the tournament host and the competent authority, and they would be used for commercial purposes such as publication to the public in printed media and information media. 
* If you act that would hurt the quality of the event, even if you are playing, you will be disqualified from the competition.
* It is not possible to wear or display patterns or trademarks meaning company names, product names, etc. at the venue (including on the course) for advertisement purposes.
* Players shall confirm and obey the rules on their responsibility regarding the rules used by golf course management.
* Cancellation from the website will be closed 4 days before the event.
* If you are judged that you are a member of an organization or the constituent organization that is likely to promote violent illegal activities collectively or habitually, the tournament host will refuse you to participate in the event.
* There is a media interview / photographing during the event, and the event may be posted on our media, SNS, other media, and GDO.
* This competition shall be held in compliance with all domestic relevant laws.
* Cancellation may be accepted for event cancellation or venue change due to circumstances of the tournament host.
* The tournament host is not responsible for late arrivals due to public transportation, road conditions, etc.
* The tournament host is not responsible for any delay in the application due to a malfunction of the internet.
* The tournament host will notify the starting time to the e-mail address by Sunday, November 15th, 2020.
* Please do not change the email address until receiving your starting time.
* The tournament host will not reconfirm whether our notification is delivered or not due to the inadequacy of the email address registered beforehand.
* The tournament host is not responsible for disadvantage arises from not receiving our notification of the starting time by email due to setting of email reception and security software.
* Inquiries about the registration and the starting time by the phone are not available.
* Please bring your photo ID on the day of the event. If identity is not verified, the participation in the event is not approved.
* Play other than the applicant is not approved for the competition.
* The tournament host recognizes the importance of personal information and observes the law concerning personal information protection, related laws, regulations, and deals with personal information based on the organizer's private information protection policy. For the purpose of improving the service to event participants, we will use it for participation information, record notice, notice of related information, provision of services from related organizations, and event announcement (ranking etc.). 
* Please follow the instructions of the tournament host for tournament matters in addition to the above.


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